Suggestions for Planning Ahead for your Home Improvement

New Construction Home

Once an application for a permit is received at the Building Department, the application is reviewed for completeness and processed for circulation to NJ licensed technical Sub Code Officials/Inspector(s).  A review of the construction plan you submitted is required by the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code Law. This means your proposed plan is compared to applicable construction code(s), safety codes and zoning codes. This should be viewed as an added value for you.

Occasionally the plan submitted does not comply with these structural, safety and zoning codes which requires the Sub Code Official to deny the issuance of the requested permit application. The plans are then returned to your design professional or builder with a request for the deficiencies to be addressed and a compliant plan resubmitted which may add significantly to when a permit can be issued. (During the COVID 19 public health emergency, and despite a record increase in applications submitted, we continue to issue permits; however, we do not control the time a property owner or its contracted professional takes to resubmit a revised compliant plan.) Ultimately, it is your responsibility as the property owner, or your contracted professional, to submit a construction plan that is compliant with the applicable codes. All submissions and re-submissions are processed in “a first come, first served” order. For example, if a plan is re-submitted with revisions, it is placed in date order. For example, some permit applications, such as an application for a pool, require review by multiple Sub Code Officials and Inspectors (electrical, plumbing, building, fire) as well as the Township Engineer for stormwater management compliance which is a required prior review before any building permit application can be submitted.   Since half of our Inspectors work in Wyckoff every other day, and with the high volume of applications, waiting 20 business days for the review and issuance of a permit is not atypical. Please plan ahead for this time frame.  This is standard in most communities and it is the reason why the State of NJ allows 20 business days for the completion of technical reviews before a uniform construction code permit can be processed. Any required prior approval such as zoning and engineering must be satisfied before the 20-business day time allotment begins.   

Various construction activities require inspections throughout the construction of an improvement. New Jersey state law requires Building Departments to perform inspections within 72 hours of the request. Local builders are aware of this time frame and responsible builders plan accordingly.  

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