Recreation & Parks

About Us:

The Wyckoff Recreation and Parks Department, under the guidance of Director Andy Wingfield and the Recreation Board, oversees all recreation programming for the Township of Wyckoff.

Anyone with questions concerning the recreation programs, please call the Recreation Office at (201) 891-3350 or email.  The Recreation Office is located in the Memorial Field Athletic Complex, just past the Library, which is an extension of Woodland Ave., behind Town Hall.

Lightning Detection System:

Effective July 2021, three (3) lightning detection systems have been installed in town. One at Memorial, one at Community Park, and one at Pulis. The systems can detect when lightning strikes eight (8) miles away or closer, and the system will sound an alarm so that coaches, players and spectators can clear the field and move to safety.

There will be a thirty (30) minute waiting period from the last strike of lightning before anyone can resume play. If the system sounds the alarm, and the strike was a single isolated strike, then 30 minutes later, the all clear alarm will go off. All subsequent strikes are also registered by the system and will reset the clock to 30 minutes.

Parents and players could potentially be waiting for hours not knowing exactly when the last strike took place because lightning strikes are not always visible. It is important for coaches, game officials, and parents to know exactly how much time they have left to wait. To that end, the three (3) “widgets” (websites) below can be used to determine how much time is left before the all clear. Each field area has its own website for lightning strike verification:

Community Park, 475 Wyckoff Ave (including baseball/softball field area, soccer field, and Cornerstone Church field) 

Memorial Field, 195 Woodland Ave (2 horns, one at the Recreation Office, other near basketball courts, tennis courts, and roller hockey rink) 

Pulis Field (behind YMCA at the end of Spring Meadow Drive)

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Andy Wingfield Recreation & Parks Director (201) 891-3350
Robin McKeown Recreation & Parks Secretary (201) 891-3350

Board Members