Police Divisions

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the largest division within the department. Using vehicle patrols and, where appropriate, bicycle patrols, this division patrols 88 miles of Township roads, 12.7 miles of Bergen County roads and 2.5 miles of NJ State Highway Route 208 to proactively provide for public safety and deter criminal activity in our town.

Traffic Safety Division

 Actively engages in DWI enforcement and periodic random radar speed control assignments. The division studies traffic conditions in the Township to improve the safe and efficient flow of traffic. Site plan applications for new construction are reviewed from a traffic safety perspective. This division also coordinates and supervises school crossing guards at 16 locations.To report an unsafe condition or traffic problem in your Wyckoff neighborhood please contact (201) 891-2121 or Email the Traffic Safety Division.

Detective Division

The Detective Division investigates all crimes occurring in the Township. In addition, this division works with adjacent towns and other municipal, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies by sharing information to solve crimes and return stolen property. For crime prevention information, contact the Detective Bureau at (201) 891-2121 or Email the Detective Division.

Records Division

The Records Division of the Wyckoff Police Department handles all requests for Discovery, OPRA (Open Public Records Act), UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting) statistics, as well as general review of all Case reports. Officers in this Division work together to ensure that all statistics are properly calculated, and that all personnel receive the necessary information in a timely fashion. For all discovery requests please contact the Records Division at (201) 891-2121 or Email the Records Division.

Communications Division 

All of the emergency and non emergency calls for the Township of Wyckoff are fielded by the Bergen County Communications Center. Dispatchers and Call Takers are trained in collecting the necessary information to provide Wyckoff residents with the highest level of service.

Office of Emergency Management

The Wyckoff Office of Emergency Management plans and prepares for emergencies, educates the public about prepardeness, and coordinates response and relief efforts during emergency situations. The OEM is dedicated to maintaining the public's awareness of critical situations pertaining to our community, and offers many tips and information on how to "stay informed" and be safe.

Internal Affairs Division

The Internal Affairs Division is responsible for the investigation of misconduct complaints received against sworn members of the Wyckoff Police Department. The primary mission of the Internal Affairs Division is to assure that Department members meet the highest standards of integrity and ethical performance. If you would like to speak to an Internal Affairs Officer please contact them at the Internal Affairs Division Email.