When will I need a building permit?

Permits protect your rights as a homeowner and consumer and ensure your safety in your home. You must obtain a building permit from the town's building department before making the following changes to your house:

Large Construction Jobs*

  • Building an addition
  • Building a new bedroom or bathroom
  • Building a garage, attached or detached
  • Finishing a basement
  • Enclosing a porch, new porch
  • Constructing a deck
  • Installing an in-ground or above ground pool
    *variance may be required prior to obtaining permit.

Small Construction Jobs

  • Interior alterations
  • Installing central air conditioning
  • Installing new siding
  • Installing a fireplace, gas or wood burning
  • Installing ductwork
  • Installing or building a shed larger than 100 square feet
  • New wiring or outlets
  • Renovating a bathroom or kitchen
  • Installing an underground sprinkler system
  • Removing or abandoning an oil tank
  • Upgrading the electric service
  • Installing driveway post lights
  • Demolition of shed or building
  • Installing a concrete patio
  • Installing new interior or exterior entry to house, garage or basement

Renovating or Replacing

  • Replacing an underground sprinkler system
  • Repairing a chimney
  • Replacing or repairing a roof that exceeds 25% of the roof
  • Replacing siding that exceeds 25% of the house
  • Renovating porch or stairs
  • Renovating a garage or accessory building
  • Replacing an electric stove with a gas stove
  • Replacing a furnace, boiler or hot water heater
  • Replacing central air conditioning
  • Modernizing plumbing

Zoning Permits

  • Installing or building a shed less than 100 square feet
  • Installing or replace a fence

Engineering Permits

  • Any work within the public right-of-way
  • Creating additional off-street parking
  • Piping leaders to seepage pits or storm sewers
  • Constructing a retaining wall
  • Replacing or installing septic system
  • Connecting to Town sewers
  • Curb cutting requires a permit
  • Replacing sidewalks and curbs; installing new sidewalk and curbs

Construction permits are obtained from the Construction Office in the lower level of the Town Hall. If building permits are not obtained for improvements, penalties are imposed.

Be advised:  If you or your contractor are found to be performing work without the required permits, FINES will be issued. Fines can range from $500 to $2,000.
Per N.J. State Law 13:45A-16.2 final inspections are required before final payment is made to contractor.

For more information, refer to Uniform Construction Code NJSA: 52-27D-119 et seq. of the State of NJ.

For more information, call the Building Department at 201-891-7000. Homeowners are encouraged to call the Building Department before starting work to determine if the work requires a permit.

Building Permit Information

Did You Know....

  • You can protect your home investment in our desirable town with no assessment increase by completing maintenance and repair as needed.
  • Some items of repair and maintenance do require permits. These are listed with a note to guide you as to which department will issue the permit.

For more information, call the Building Department at (201) 891-7000 ext. 303 or 304.

When Storm Water Management Approval is Required:

Prior to any construction permit review by the Township Construction Office a storm water management approval is needed if your proposed construction activity includes:

  • Construction of a one or two-family residence or applications involving the demolition of an existing one or two-family residence.
  • Enlargement or expansion of an existing one or two-family residence in which the completed development shall have a roof surface area which is more than 33% greater than the existing roof surface area.
  • Construction of an in-ground pool.
  • Applications for storm water management approval must be submitted to the Township Engineer, in the Construction Office before a construction application is submitted and the application must include the following:
  • 2 copies of a grading plan prepared by a professional engineer licensed in NJ that includes, topography, elevations and drainage patterns. A written certification from the professional engineer certifying that there will be a zero increase in storm water runoff as a result of the proposed project.
  • 2 copies of a landscaping plan showing existing and proposed trees, vegetation and proposed seepage pits and/or dry wells for the project.
  • A $500.00 fee is required for the Township Engineer to review the grading and landscaping plan.

After approval by the Township Engineer and prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy or approval for construction performed in accordance with this requirement, the applicant's professional engineer shall certify in writing that the construction and/or landscaping was performed in accordance with the grading plans and that there is a zero increase in storm water runoff.

No construction permit shall be issued for any project applicable to this request when in the opinion of the Township Engineer; the application fails to provide zero increase in storm water runoff.

Applicants and builders should plan ahead and provide time in their project schedule for the approval process.

The Storm Water Management checklist is available in the Building Department and online.

Other improvements and alterations not listed may need a permit; therefore, please call the construction official at (201) 891-7000 ext. 301 to make certain.

All construction permits are obtained from the Construction Official in the lower level of the Town Hall.

If building permits are not obtained for improvements, penalties are imposed.

Please call Town Hall at 201-891-7000 if you have any questions.